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19. September 2018

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about karting

my career

In 2005, when I was five, I discovered my dream racing karting.

It happened quite by chance, when we visited with my parents the Go-Kart school in Ljubljana. Immediately I wanted to try it myself, but it seemed they did not have the car for my size.

Then approaches my future instructor Lucija Živec and lead us to the car in the background of appropriate size. After a few test rounds that I drove very good, Lucia suggested that I get involved in karting school. After a month I have really joined the karting school in BTC. I trained under the direction of Lucia, and later she was replaced by Maja Hribar. Parents have bought me later my own car. Gasoline cars are better than electric, mainly because they are faster. With it I have already beaten my dad.

In 2007 I was under the auspices of the Avtoklub MPI Racing Idrija began to attend races for the national championship, SPORTSTIL Cup and CRO-Cup trophy. I competed with the chasis SPORTSTIL EVO-1 in category 1, mini 50. In individual races, I got four second places and two third places. At the end of the season I ended national championship in third place, SPORTSTIL and CRO-CUP Cup at second place. There was 16 contestants in the season. The races being held in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. In that year, followed me as sponsors Občina Žiri, Freising from Škofja Loka and Mizarstvo Vidles from Otočec.

In season 2008 I attended the races for the national championship and Cup SPORTSTIL in category 1, mini 50. In this season I achieved my first victory, two second places and three third places. At the end of the season I became vice champion of National Championship as well as SPORTSTIL Cup. Races were held in Slovenia and Italy. In that year, followed me as sponsors Mapro from Žiri, Plesna šola Urška Kranj, Freising from Škofja Loka and Mixi Caravaning from Žiri.

I started the 2009 season with a new category 2, Gazela 60 mini . The car was built on Intrepid mini chasis which drives a Iama's Parilla 60 engine. The transition to a more powerful car was difficult because we did not have adequate knowledge and sufficient experience. Nevertheless, I achieved two fourth places and at the end of the season ranked on sixth place in the National championship and SPORTSTIL Cup. There was 11 contestants in a season. The races being held in Slovenia and Italy. Towards the end of the season I also had a major change. We started to cooperate with Matjaž Praznik, which became my coach. With his long years of experience in rallying and karting, he changed my perspective on karting very much. This year, I was accompanied by sponsors Vista hidravlika and Plesna šola Urška Kranj.

Also in season 2010 I crossed into the higher category to category 3, Gazela 60 free. Go-karts in the category are faster and more powerful and allow more adjustment. The new acquisition was the chasie Birel C28. The entire season I was accompanied by coach Matjaž Praznik. We worked hard and got excellent results. My home is decorated with three victorious wreaths and three winning Cups and two Cup for second place. Races were held in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia, and were considered SPORTSTIL Cup. Due to a technical fault at one of the races I unfortunately ended up season on second place. In that year, followed me as sponsors Vista hidravlika from Žiri, ZŠAM Žiri and Plesna šola Urška Kranj.

Thanks to all who have helped me in any way to my success.